As a non-profit agency, the Passaic County SPCA receives NO state, county, or local funding. Our continued mission relies on the generous support from animal advocates and lovers, and on fines levied from the successful prosecution of animal abuse criminals.

Here are three easy ways you can support the Passaic County SPCA:

  1. Donate to our mission

    The Passaic County SPCA is the only agency enforcing humane law in the county. Your donation ensures that all Passaic County animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve. Click here to make a secure donation.

  2. Contribute to our office

    The Passaic County SPCA is moving its headquarters to Hawthorne, NJ. We need help outfitting the office with necessary supplies to help our agents and officers investigate and respond to animal cruelty complaints. Click here to purchase items from our wish list.

  3. Take your dog for a walk

    Support our mission by taking your dog for a walk. Download the Wooftrax app from your Android/iOS app store and search for Passaic County SPCA. For more information click here.