About Us

The Passaic County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCSPCA) is a non-profit, all-volunteer, humane education and advocacy group. Operating since the 1890s, Passaic County SPCA is the ONLY agency in the county that focuses solely on the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect.

PCSPCA’s membership is made up of women and men who dedicate their time and expertise to help educate and offer guidance to Passaic County residents about any animal found in a cruel or abusive situation.

One of our primary goals is education. It is the philosophy of this agency that proper education on pet ownership is the best way to prevent cruelty and neglect. Our members also conduct community outreach through elementary school presentations, low-cost veterinary clinics, street fair appearances, and more!

As a non-profit agency, the Passaic County SPCA receives NO state, county, or local funding. Our continued mission relies on financial assistance from our animal advocates and lovers.

Remember, if you encounter an animal cruelty law violation or are aware of one, please contact your local police department or, if the situation warrants, call 911.